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June 4

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June 3

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June 2

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June 1

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May 29

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May 28

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May 27

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May 26

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May 21

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May 20

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May 19

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May 18

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May 15

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May 14

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May 13

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May 12

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May 11

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May 8

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May 7

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May 6

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May 5

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May 4

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May 1

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April 30

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April 29

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April 28

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April 27

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April 24

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April 23

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April 22

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April 21

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April 20

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April 17

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April 16

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April 15

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April 8

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April 7

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April 6

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April 3

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April 2

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April 1

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March 31

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March 30

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March 27

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March 26

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March 25

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March 24

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March 23

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March 20

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March 19

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March 18

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March 17

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  • Typetastic - Students may log into their account to practice at home. Their username and password is the same thing they would use to log into their Google accounts and they should know that. If they have any trouble logging in, feel free to email Mrs. Schmidt.
  • Brain Pop - Engaging learning games, videos and activities to help kids learn more about their world. School wide username is SiAntioch and the password is Sischool20. We just got free access to this so students may need help navigating the site at first. Email Mrs. Schmidt with any questions.
  • Storytime from Space - Astronauts record themselves reading their favorite books while floating around at the International Space Station.
  • International Space Station -Spot the station will give you a list of upcoming space station sightings opportunities for your location.
  • Legends of Learning - Sign in with Google. When asked use code MOONEY1

Welcome Video

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