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Are you looking for a fun family friendly activity to get you out of the house? Try geocaching - The world wide scavenger hunt game that can be played anywhere at any time! I've been doing this for 5 years and having a great time. All members of the family will enjoy doing it together. See photos and read about how you can get started in my BLOG POST.

Do you know where the country of Iceland is? Have you ever heard of the Blue Lagoon? Do you know where lava rocks come from? Watch this video for answers to those questions and more! If you like this, watch other National Geographic- Are We There Yet World Adventures videos about other places on their YouTube channel.

Podcast Listening

Have you ever listened to a podcast? A podcast is a an audio program that you listen to on a device. You can listen with a podcasting app on a device or right from your computer. See examples of good kid friendly podcasts below.

The Kids Listen podcasting app is an app geared toward presenting kid friendly podcasts only. It includes 28 member podcasts representing the best in podcasts for kids. Topics include:

  • Activity Podcast - Listen and learn about science, history, animals, music, and language, and then make that learning active with hands-on projects and activities.
  • Kid Friendly History Fun Facts - Learn more about history in a kid friendly way!
  • The WOW of the World - We'll go inside our brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.
  • 6 Minutes - Eleven-year-old Holiday is pulled from the icy waters of Alaska with no memory of who she is or where she came from. Are her mom and dad really who they say they are? And when she begins to develop incredible abilities, she’ll soon discover she’s not alone in the world. The big mysteries unfold in six-minute episodes, twice each week, all year long.
  • What if World - A storytelling podcast for kids. What if a tiny dragon lived in my closet? What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? What if cats ruled the world? Join Abacus P Grumbler, Randall Radbot, and Whendiana Joan as they help Mr. Eric tell wacky stories inspired by your questions!

All of these many many more in one app! Click the photo on the above for the link or download the app on Google Play or iTunes

  • Little Bedtime Stories - Nightly bedtime stories for your little one. (Big ones OK too.) No ads. No intros. No nonsense. Just stories, delivered the way you'd tell a bedtime story to your children. Grab your paddle and join us on our nightly visit to Story Island.
  • Story Spectacular - The children's story podcast for tamer car rides, relaxing bedtimes or for when you just need a break with a fun story.
  • Brains On - Science podcast for kids and curious adults
  • Curious Kids Podcast - Join Jacob and 6 year old Olivia as they learn fun and educational things. They take on a new topic each episode with the goal of providing an educational and entertaining experience for listeners of all ages. New episodes every Sunday!

Read Alouds

Check out Candlewick Press's Stay at Home webpage on the left. They have activities from some of your favorite characters such as Judy Moody and her brother Stink, the Princess in Black, Timmy Failure and more! You can also visit their YouTube channel for writing tutorials, author interviews, book trailers and more! Did you know that you shrink everyday? If you measure yourself at night, you will be shorter then in the morning! Learn more in this video from author Megan McDonald. There is also a kid friendly book to help them learn more about the Coronavirus.

Hear him read from the Dog Man books and learn to draw some of the characters. Check back every Friday for new activities and videos. If Dog Man had to do school work at home, what would his desk look like? Draw it or construction if from materials at home. After you do it, share a photo to the Stem Padlet linked below!

Craft videos, articles, puzzles, quizzes and more! And best of all, Harry Potter's first adventure will be free for the month of April to read as an ebook or to listen to as an audio book. Click the link above to get started!

Ryan and Craig read alouds are super funny and we always loved watching them during our Media Center time. If you click the link on the left, you will be taken to their main website where you can search on tons of read alouds that they have done. They are also reading live each weekday at 1 pm Eastern on their Instagram channel which is linked below. Hope you get some laughs with them this week!

Looking some read alouds? Many authors are doing daily read alouds!

Author Mo Willmems does Lunch Doodles with Mo every day. Here's a LINK to the playlist

Studio Time with Ryan T. Higgins - Author of the Bruce books. Link to episode 1. Look for more coming soon.

Lauren Tarshis, author of the I Survived Series, is doing oral reading of her books everyday. Check out THIS PLAYLIST page where you can hear, The Titanic, The Battle of D Day, and The Destruction of Pompeii so far and new material is added every day.

Cooking at Home

Disney Parks is sharing some of their recipes. Last night my family and I made their Churro recipe and it was yummy! We topped it off with a homemade caramel dipping sauce.




Make a Chain Reaction Machine!

Make your own Board Game!

  • Watch the video on the left
  • See some finished example HERE
  • Here are some game boards you can print to make one yourself. Or create something from scratch!
  • If you make one, share a photo of it on our Stem Padlet so your friends can see it too!

Previous Stem Challenges

Playtime with Parachutes - Isn't fun playing with the parachute at school? Would you like to learn more about them? - Watch this video. Then try to make a parachute with a basket for a mini figure. Some materials you might use are: cup, coffee filter, plastic bag, string, tape, mini figure. Use a chair or other high spot to drop it from to test how it works. Here are some other instructions you could follow. If you try this, post a photo or video of your creation on our Stem Padlet.

Build a Bridge - Can you design a bridge that holds pennies? Watch this video and then read more about bridge building and designs HERE . How many pennies did your bridge hold? Don't have pennies? Try testing it with something else like paper clips or Lego bricks.

Race Car - Can you make a race car from materials around your house? What could you use for the wheels? The car body? Watch this video and/or follow these directions for more info

Make a Box - To use Legos watch THIS VIDEO or follow THESE DIRECTIONS to make one from index cards.

Paper Airplane - Can you make a paper airplane that flies far? Watch this video to learn more. THIS WEBSITE shows you some other design ideas.

If try a Stem Challenge listed above, please share it with us on this padlet. Just double click on the page to get started. You can type a message, snap a picture, or record a video to share your thoughts. Can't wait to see your designs! Mrs. Schmidt

Online Board Games.pdf

Giant list of online board games to play with friends!

Reading Online with eBooks

Free access to Tumblebooks - Just click and read

Free Access to Follett eBooks

Destiny Discover

  • Username is guest
  • Password is follett

Free access to Ranger Rick Magazine

  • Click HERE, choose your subscription, and register

Watch, read, and explore many non-fiction topics

  • Watch, read, and explore deeper Science topics

  • Explore islands and play games based on your favorite book series

Pebble Go - Books and other interactive fun

  • The Capstone link has some great books! Please let me know if the links don't work.

Storytime with Mrs. Schmidt

I will add new information and resources to this page each week so check back often! You can also check the Resource page of each grade for more activities.